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@ScientificAmerican (Peter Norvig): Prescient but Not Perfect: A Look Back at a 1966 Scientific American Article on Systems Analysis

13.7 Billion Years: We Are Stardust

13.7 Billion Years: Report from 2050: Gardening on Mars

13.7 Billion Years: Report from 2050: Epilogue - Why This Century Is Special

538 Refugees: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords: Lessons About Traumatic Brain Injury

538 Refugees: In the Wakefield

538 Refugees: Tales of Big Pharma: Synagis™ (Palivizumab)

538 Refugees: Science Marches On

538 Refugees: A Cure for AIDS, But at What Cost?

The II-I- blog: Ode to A Voyager

The II-I- blog: Benevolence in evolution

The II-I- blog: …Hello?

A Blog Around The Clock: City Of Light: Insomniac Urban Animals

A Blog Around The Clock: Telling science stories…wait, what’s a “story”?

A Blog Around The Clock: Blogs: face the conversation

A Blog Around The Clock (guest post on SA Observations): Circadian clock without DNA--History and the power of metaphor

A Blog Around The Clock (guest post at SA Observations): The line between science and journalism is getting blurry....again

A Blog Around The Clock (guest post at SA Guest Blog): Me and the copperheads--or why we still don't know if snakes secrete melatonin at night

A leaf warbler's gleanings: Tigers Are Less Important Than Warblers

The Abstract - What Do Bees See? And How Do We Know?

Action-Reaction: Pseudoteaching: MIT Physics

Addiction Inbox: Cigarette Sadness

Addiction Inbox: That Pesky Gambling Question

Addiction Inbox: Smoking and the Slave Trade

Adventures in Ethics and Science: On the targeting of undergraduates by animal rights extremists (and the dangers of victim-blaming).

Adventures in Ethics and Science: The #scimom project: We are here!

Aetiology: Pigs with Ebola Zaire: a whole new can o' worms

Aetiology: Hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS): history and implications

Almost Diamonds: Rape Myth #1: She's Probably Lying

Almost Diamonds: Sex, Science, and Social Policy

Ambivalent Academic (guest post): An Optic Cup in a DISH

American SciCo: Science Online Will Change the World

Amused Artichoke: Science with Mice

Ancient Shore: The Beatles and the Cambrian Explosion

Anecdotes from the Archive: Protect yourself from the confidence man's moonshine

Anecdotes from the Archive: Homogenetic Enumeration: A Numerical System Guaranteed to Move You

Anecdotes from the Archive: A Closer Look at New York City’s Tap Water Monsters

Anecdotes from the Archive: Hold Your Horses with Electricity

Anecdotes from the Archive: Want to Become a Sharp Dresser? Sport a Knife in Your Collar

Anna's Bones: A Reason to Smile

Anthropology in Practice: Unraveling The Fear o' the Jolly Roger

Anthropology in Practice: Power, Confidence, and High-Heels

Anthropology in Practice: The Social Functions of Blushing

Anthropology in Practice: “It’s Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry”: Rituals of Reconciliation

Anthropology in Practice: To Be or Not to Be Monogamous?

Anthropology in Practice: Does Your Beer Glass Matter?

Anthropology in Practice: Scent of a Woman

Anthropology in Practice: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Will Industrialized Foods Be the End of Us?

Anthropology in Practice: Communicating Meaning Online: A Digital Expression of Theory of Mind

Anthropology in Practice: The Evolutionary Roots of Talking With Our Hands

Anthropology in Practice: At a Loss for Words: Modern Lessons From a Lost Language

Anthropology in Practice: Whose Name Is It Anyway?

Anthropology in Practice: The Ways We Talk About Pain

Anthropology in Practice: Whose Name Is It Anyway?

Art and Science Lab: Sea-Nymphs, Bellydancers, and the Ocean: A Meeting With Dr. Mermaid

Art and Science Lab: Interpreting Sex Research in Sexist Ways: A Case Study

Art and Science Lab: World Science Festival: The Meeting of Great Minds (And Artists?)

Art and Science Lab: SlutWalkNYC: A Social Scientific Affair

The Artful Amoeba: Mosses That Move and the Rocks They Reveal

The Artful Amoeba: Bombardier Beetles, Bee Purple, and the Sirens of the Night

The Artful Amoeba: The Jellyfish that Conquered Land — and Australia

The Artful Amoeba: Lichens vs. the Almighty Prion

The Artful Amoeba: Just What is the Brain-Eating “Amoeba” Naegleria fowleri?

Assignment: Impossible: Too Hard for Science? Are There Drugs That Kill Love?

Astrobioloblog: The Invention of Sex

Astrobioloblog: Why Pluto isn’t a planet anymore… get over it.

Astrobioloblog: How to sex a pterosaur

Astrobioloblog: What is the Universe?

The Atavism: The origin and extinction of species

The Atavism: Sunday Spinelessness – Flat animals and biology’s age of discovery

Basic Space: Faster-than-light neutrinos show science in action

Basic Space: An impossible star?

Basic Space: We’re cosmic dust but you’re everything to me

Beaker: Four Ways Patient Advocates Help Drive Research

Beaker: Setting the Record Straight on Meiosis

Beaker: Seeing is Believing

Beaker: “Eye of newt” reverses a long-held scientific dogma

Beatrice the Biologist: Your cold symptoms are your fault

Beatrice the Biologist: Sleep Deprivation (cartoons)

Beatrice the Biologist: My Week without Plastic

Beatrice the Biologist: Jurassic Park, for realsies?

Beatrice the Biologist: Element Recycling

Big Ten Science: Polygamy Sucks for Women (In Terms of Genetic Sexual Selection)

Bio 2.0: The Promises, Demands, and Risks of Garage Biology

Biodiversity in Focus: The Fly Tree of Life - Big Science, Big Results?

The Biology Files: Autism, RORA, and testosterone

The Biology Files: Sex, gender, and gender identity

The Biology Files: The Bears of Texas: Chapter 1-The Last Grizzly

The Biology Files: Autism, Lupron, the Geiers, and what can science do about emotions?

The Black Hole: Identifying good scientists and keeping them honest

The Black Hole: Reducing medical (science) waste: Thinking before doing…

The Black Hole: Professionals in High Demand

Black Ink Obelisk: Somata (poem)

Blogus scientificus: Natural’s Not In It

Blogus scientificus: Scientists make shocking discovery: dogs cannot read our minds

Blogus scientificus: Shakes on a Plane: Can Turbulence Kill You?

Body Horrors: This Ain’t Yo Momma’s Muktuk: Fermented Seal Flipper, Botulism, Being Cold & Other Joys of Arctic Living

Body Horrors: Blood Money: Hookworm Economics in the Postbellum South

Body Politic: Why pregnant women deserve drug trials

Body Politic: Cell phones, Cancer, and Scientific Oversimplification

Body Politic: A close look at the plastics industry’s spin on BPA

Boing Boing (Lee Billings): Incredible journey: Can we reach the stars without breaking the bank?

Boing Boing (Maggie Koerth-Baker): Nuclear energy 101: Inside the "black box" of power plants

Boundary Vision: Objectivity and ambivalence: The case of the Apollo scientists

Boundary Vision: Arsenic, cold fusion and the legitimacy of online critique

Boundary Vision: Science and music: Seeing past the noise with Robin Woywitka and Paul Farrant

Boundary Vision: Women, romantic goals and science: The evidence just isn’t there

BPS Research Digest: How psychology helped locate HMAS Sydney II, lost for over 60 years

Bug Girl's Blog: Will Brazilian Waxing Make Pubic Lice Extinct?

Bug Girl's Blog: It’s National Pollinator Week!

Bug Girl's Blog: Another reason the “Ark Park” is a bad idea

Bug Girl's Blog: Choosing a Graduate Program and Advisor

The Bunsen Boerner: Chemistry: this shit’s important

CABI invasives blog: Wild gingers – beastly beauties

Cassandra's Tears: Bubble Ring Play of Dolphins

ChemBark: The Sezen Files – Part III: And What of Sames?

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Ancestor Points the Way (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Neurospora Lullaby (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Tiny Captains (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: The Ballad of Big Bug Ranch (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: How's That Again? (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Spore Richard's Almanack (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Second Sight (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Scent and Sensibility (poem)

Clastic Detritus: The Long Beat of Rhythmic Sedimentation

Clastic Detritus: Listening to Rivers

Clear Sci: SOS: Save our Science - Last minute Christmas

Clevelandpoetics: Dunkleosteus: three haiku (poetry)

Cocktail Party Physics: Twin Suns: Better Than One?

Compound Eye: Organic Honey Is A Sweet Illusion

Compound Eye: Interview: Photographer Jim Reed on Hurricane Irene and Storm Chasing

Confusedious; a science blog: Genetic diversity and ecosystem recovery; there is more to biodiversity than species count.

Context and variation: Menstruation is just blood and tissue you ended up not using

Context and variation: Parenting is not just for the ladies: on testosterone, fatherhood, and why lower hormones are good for you

Context and variation: Don’t douche, she declares acidly

Context and variation: Iron-deficiency is not something you get just for being a lady

Context and variation: Even when we want something, we need to hide it.

Cosmic Variance: Physics and the Immortality of the Soul

COSMOS - Online Features: What is the next penicillin?

Cracking the Enigma: Theories of autism: lessons from Dr House

Creatology: The fight against dengue fever continues

Creatology: Lia Ditton: Messing around on boats

Crude Matter: What can urine tell us? and Better living through pee-sniffing, or What can urine tell us? Volume 2. perhaps fused into a single essay.

Crude Matter: My experience with emetophobia, and some questions for the blogosphere.

Culturing Science: Learning to understand non-genius autistic people

Culturing Science: Urban ecology doesn’t have enough humans in it

Culturing Science: When adaptation doesn’t happen

Culturing Science: The danger of appealing stories: anecdata, expectations, and skepticism

Culturing Science: Natural history collections in ecological research

Culturing Science: Collapsed cod fishery shows signs of life

Culturing Science: Don’t forget the parasites! Reevaluating the pyramid of numbers

The Curious Cub: Hello...?

The Curious Cub: Building A Virtual Brain: A Dialogue

The Curious Cub: Censorship And Deleting Comments

Curiouser and Curiouser: Spreading the Skeptical Word through Music and Comedy

Curiouser and Curiouser: Interview With Professor Richard Wiseman

Curiouser and Curiouser: Speaking of Skeptical Activism

The Curious Wavefunction: Better extraterrestrial communication through chemistry: What do aliens want?

The Curious Wavefunction: How can we make the International Year of Chemistry successful?

The Curious Wavefunction: Aliens, arsenic and alternative peer-review: Has science publishing become too conservative?

The Curious Wavefunction: On chemistry's multiple cultures

Dangerous Experiments: On Beards, Biology, and Being a Real American

Darwin vs The Machine: How The Stock Market Influences The Hot 100 Billboard Charts

Deconstructing Science: Express Yourself!

Deep Sea News: DON’T PANIC: Sustainable seafood and the American outlaw

Deep Sea News: How To Cuddle Your Lady Right, by Smoove A

Deep Sea News: Inside the Outside

Degrees of Freedom: Under a Blood Red Sky

Degrees of Freedom: A Galactic Challenge: How Would You Teach Left from Right to an Alien Civilization?

Denim and Tweed: Evolution's Rainbow, from sparrows' stripes to lizard lesbianism

Denim and Tweed: An adaptive fairytale with no happy ending

Denim and Tweed: How can you tell if a plant is carnivorous? Feed it!

Design. Build. Play.: Computers and the Homeless

Design. Build. Play.: Design Fridays: That's a big prop

Design. Build. Play.: Future of Spaceflight: No single point sollution

The Digital Cuttlefish: BART Bugs! (poem)

The Digital Cuttlefish: If Cole Porter Were An Evolutionary Psychologist… (poem)

The Digital Cuttlefish: The Equal And Opposite Scientist (poem)

The Digital Cuttlefish: Ring Around The Coffee (poem)

The Digital Cuttlefish: Mighty Mouse! (poem)

Dinner Party Science: Who's afraid of the Universe?

Disease Prone: Emerging infectious diseases and cities

Disease Prone: Acinetobacter baumannii the most opportunisitic-ist pathogen you know

Disease Prone: Peptidoglycan – The bacterial wonder wall

Disease Prone: Jumping Frenchmen of Maine Syndrome

Disease Prone: Halitosis - Your mouth smells like arse

Disease Prone: Flooding and disease

Disease Prone: Capsular Polysaccharide and Pneumococcal Disease

Disease Prone: Anti-cancer Fungi

Disease Prone: No door? No problem. T. cruzi uses the window to cause Chagas Disease

The Dispersal of Darwin: Sir Charles?

The Dispersal of Darwin: Distilling “History of Science” to 140 characters…

The Dispersal of Darwin: PBS vs. NASA: Thoughts on popular science education at a local museum

Dog Spies: Humor Writing 101 - a course for all first year scientists

Doing Good Science: What about Dalibor Sames? The Bengü Sezen fraud and the responsibilities of the PI in the training of new scientists.

Doing Good Science: The objectivity thing (or, why science is a team sport). and Objectivity requires teamwork, but teamwork is hard. fused into a single essay.

Dot Physics: The Physics of a High-Speed Crash: 70 MPH vs. 85 MPH

Dot Physics: Here is an Awesome Moon Model

Dot Physics: Where Does the Carbon Come From?

Dot Physics: How To Brute Force a Car Talk Puzzler

The Dog Zombie: The case of the jaundiced terrier

The Dog Zombie: The curse of the missing uteruses, part three

The Dragonfly Woman: Ode to an Odonate on Valentine’s Day (poem)

Drugmonkey: Pick 'em (poem)

Dr. Carin Bondar - Biologist With a Twist: Reflections on Biology and Motherhood: Where do Homo sapiens Fit In?

Dr. Carin Bondar - Biologist With a Twist: Mark Burnett VS Charles Darwin in an Epic Battle of Immunity

Dr. Carin Bondar - Biologist with a Twist: Do Not Sex Your Sibs: Lessons from a Butterfly

Dr. Carin Bondar - Biologist with a Twist: Don’t discriminate against handicapped spiders just because their webs look a little different…

Dr. Carin Bondar - Biologist with a Twist: Nice eggs…come here often?

Dr. Carin Bondar - Biologist with a Twist: Two is cozy – Eleven is a crowd. Benefits to polyandry in a foam-nesting treefrog…

Dr. Carin Bondar - Biologist with a Twist: The astounding strength of homosexual bonds in Zebra Finches: Ladies need not apply…

Dr. Mark Van Stone: Glyphs – Evidence for 2012 Apocalypse

Earthsky: Lifeform of the week: Killer whales on trial

Earthsky: Lifeform of the Week: Naked mole-rat genome exposed

Earthsky: Want to eat less? Try a bigger fork

Earthsky: Which of the three gut types are you?

Earthsky: Gonorrhea reaching for superbug status, still

Earthsky: Carnivorous plants are out for blood

Earthsky: What’s true – and false – about the March 19 supermoon

Earthsky: Celebrating 100 years of International Women’s Day

Earthsky: Gettin’ biblical down in Texas

Earthsky: Autumn equinox, cycles of nature and Chinese philosophy

Earthsky: Have we seen a white hole?

Earthsky: Moon’s shadow, like a ship, creates waves in Earth’s atmosphere

EarthSky: James Webb Space Telescope in financial limbo, but science pushes on

EarthSky: Moon-bound twin GRAIL spacecraft launch success

EarthSky: Do atmospheric changes before Japan’s big quake indicate predictability?

EarthSky: Invisibility cloaks move one step closer from science fiction to reality

EarthSky: More ice loss ahead for Petermann Glacier in Greenland

Electron Café: Scientific Process Rage (cartoon)

Empirical Zeal: What it feels like for a sperm

Endless Forms: Woolly Bats Use a Carnivorous Roost

Endless Forms Most Beautiful: An Unlikely Heroine

Endless Forms Most Beautiful: Romeo: A Lone Wolf’s Tragedy in Three Acts

The End Of The Pier Show: One Of Our Sea Serpents Is Missing

The End Of The Pier Show: Regular

Engineer Blogs: Noise of Aviation

En Tequila Es Verdad: Adorers of the Good Science of Rock-breaking

The Euroscientist: Pivot points – The big cheese and the director’s cut

The Euroscientist: Political will closes our eyes

EvoEcoLab: The Reality and Utility of Bear Paternity Tests

EvoEcoLab: Evolution’s Tempo, Movement I: Adagio

EvoEcoLab: Prescribing Gene Flow

EvoEcoLab: Agent of Selection (poem)

The Excuses I'm Going With: Up Malaria's Sleeve

The Excuses I'm Going With: The New Madrid Seismic Zone: Much Ado About Something ... Unexpected

The Excuses I'm Going With: Species Assault is a Go

The Excuses I'm Going With: Shaky Reasoning

The Excuses I'm Going With: Pornography Terms in Google Searches by Democrats and Republicans

Expression Patterns: Make history, not vitamin C

Extinction Countdown: Shark-finning gangsters assault celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay

Faraday's Cage is where you put Schroedinger's Cat: A shocking experience

Faraday's Cage is where you put Schroedinger's Cat: Moonscape Reminder: Owens Lake

The Febrile Muse: Human Papillomavirus: Driving Ms. HeLa, Henrietta Lack's Cells

The Febrile Muse: Scientific Literacy in Children: Building the Basics

The Flying Trilobite: Big. Giant. News.

The Flying Trilobite: Going Pro: free dinosaur art?

The Flying Trilobite: Visual art leading research - it's not happening.

From the burrows: The inner child

From the burrows: Beware the dolphins

From The Lab Bench: Hiding Place for the Artsy-Scientist

From The Lab Bench: Out of Hiding: The Artsy-Scientist's Mid-life Crisis

From The Lab Bench: We Want More Science, said the American Public

From The Lab Bench: The Science of Chocolate

From The Lab Bench: Life, Death, and Silver Bullets

Futiquity: Now You See It: Old Energy

Futiquity: Hurricane Parties and Hypercubes

Futiquity: Testing the Hypercube Loudspeaker

Galileo's Pendulum: Revisiting Schrödinger’s Cat

Genegeek: Can sport teach science about excellence?

The Gene Gym: Re-awakening enemy sleepers...

Genomics, Evolution and Pseudoscience: It's time to destroy our smallpox

Georneys: Geology Word of the Week: L is for Lithosphere

Georneys: Geology Word of the Week: O is for Ophiolite

Georneys: Technology Anachronisms in Science

Georneys: A Conversation with My Dad, a Nuclear Engineer, about the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Disaster in Japan

Georneys: Bee-Bop the General Exam Bear

Georneys: A Million Random Digits

Georneys: Why are there Earthquakes and Volcanoes in Japan? In Response to: Magnitude 8.9 Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan

Giga thoughts...: Singularity

Giga thoughts...: The Future of Telecom

Giga thoughts...: Technologies to watch: 2012 and beyond

Glass Petal Smoke: Inside the Olfactory Mind of Dr. Roman Kaiser

The Gleaming Retort: WTF Weather: Wichita Heat Burst

The Gleaming Retort: How IBM’s Watson Computer Excels at Jeopardy!

The Gleaming Retort: The Rapture of Daylight Saving Time

The Gleaming Retort: Volts and Vespa: Buzzing about Photoelectric Wasps

The Gleaming Retort: Energy from Methane Hydrates: Better to Burn Out than Fade Away

The Gleaming Retort: Great Moments in Science Writing: The Alpha Cavewoman Fiasco

Guardian Science Blog (Scicurious) The postdrome: migraine's silent sister

Guardian Science Blog (Karen James): Space shuttle launch: 'I feel the percussive roar on the skin of my face'

Guilty Planet: The Pros & Cons of Amazon Mechanical Turk for Scientific Surveys

The Haystack: Front-line Antibiotics To Fight E. Coli

The Haystack: The Tail’s The Thing – Alkylamine Ethers and Zafgen’s ZGN-433

The Haystack: BARDA Bets on Boron to Bust Bacteria

The Hermitage: The Academia Ghetto

Highly Allochthonous: Ten million feet upon the stair

Highly Allochthonous: A flood is a disaster when people are in the way

Highly Allochthonous: Levees and the illusion of flood control

History of Geology: Large Igneous Provinces and Mass Extinctions

History of Geology: Baron Nopcsa: More than just Transylvanian dinosaurs

History of Geology: It’s sedimentary, my dear Watson

History of Geology: Time for a new epoch? – the Anthropocene

History of Geology: On the Extinction of Species

Huffington Post (Clay Naff): The Dangers of Believing in Parallel Worlds

ICBS Everywhere: Know Not Only What You Know, But Why and How You Know It

The Imagination Age: The Unthinkable Sometimes Occurs

Inkfish: Superheroes Who Share a Power with Dolphins

Inkfish: How Farming Made Us Shorter

Inkfish: Eat Your Grains (They're Controlling Your Genes)

Inkfish: Evolved for Arrogance

Inside Our Lab: A Letter from the Post-doc with One Foot in the Pipeline

Inside Our Lab: If At First You Don't Succeed ...

The Inverse Square Blog: Annals of Stupidity Update–More on the GOP Hates Science beat

The Inverse Square Blog: My Kindergartener Could Solve Differential Equations Better Than That

The Inverse Square Blog: “I knew I was going to take the wrong train….”

The Inverse Square Blog: Why, Knock Me Down With a Feather: Megan McArdle is Still Always Wrong, Climate Science Edition

The Inverse Square Blog: Albert Einstein was a Friend of Mine, and I Can Tell You, Representative: You Are No Albert Einstein*

The Inverse Square Blog: “The First Thing A Principle Does Is Kill Somebody”

It is NOT junk: Amazon’s $23,698,655.93 book about flies

It's Okay To Be Smart: On Beards, Biology, and Being a Real American (also here)

It's Okay To Be Smart: “There’s no crying in baseball” . . . the status quo of Ph.D. programs?

It Takes 30: Teflon bacteria

It Takes 30: How to read a genome

It Takes 30: Not sisters, under the skin

It Takes 30: Microbes that see the future

It Takes 30: The wisdom of cellular crowds

Just Like Cooking: Rare Earths, Common Problem

Just Like Cooking: Dirty Jobs: Why Don't Chemists Wear Suits?

Just Like Cooking: Musings: Who are Chemists, Anyway?

Katie Ph.D.(ABD): A whole new RNA world

Katie Ph.D.(ABD): How do you solve a problem like a broken chromosome?

Katie Ph.D.(ABD): DNA origami gets curves

Katie Ph.D.(ABD): How to make the most of your PhD: The road less traveled.

Kitchen Hacking: Blurring The Lines - Part I

Kitchen Hacking: I Want An Empty Waiting Room

Laelaps: The Dodo is Dead, Long Live the Dodo!

Laelaps: What Death Means to Primates

Labcoat Life: Should Extremely Preterm Babies Be Saved?

Labcoat Life: Science Blogs Are Good For You

Labcoat Life: Define Science

Labcoat Life: Brains Breathe: Dopamine's Role In Preterm Infants

Lab Rat: Communicating with electricity

Lab Rat: Plague and the city

Lamentations on Chemistry: On the pitfalls of science outreach to the public

The Last Word On Nothing (Ann Finkbeiner): Science Metaphors (cont): Resonance

The Last Word On Nothing (Chris Gunter): Guest Post: Part of Me Forever

Life Before the Dinosaurs: Scolecofurca.

Life Before the Dinosaurs: Fieldia lanceolata

Life, Unbounded: Superluminal muon-neutrinos? Don’t get your hopes up.

Life, Unbounded: Life in liquid carbon dioxide

Looking For Detachment: Deep Time

Looking For Detachment: Like caterpillars, crawling or marching...

The Loom: The Human Lake

The Lord Geekington: Of the Monstrous Pictures of Whales

Lost in Transcription: As opposed to the light of what?

Lost in Transcription: Kin Selection: Nowak vs the world

Lost in Transcription: Important Harvard Scientists Attack Kin Selection: Context

Lost in Transcription: Re: Homophobia and Evolutionary Psychology

Lounge of the Lab Lemming: Dear Hypothesis

Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs: Scaphognathus crassirostris: A Pterosaur in the Historical Record?

Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs: Goertzen's Case for the Historical Scaphognathus

Magma Cum Laude: Eruption rates at volcanoes

Mammoth Tales: Tabbert’s Sea-Mammoth

Martian Chronicles: 9800 Feet

Martian Chronicles: MSL to Land at Gale Crater

The Mother Geek: How “boner” is misleading: The science behind an erect penis

The Mother Geek: Science on the brain: Motor traffic and beads on a string

NeoAcademic: Online Plagiarism and Cybercheating Still Strong – 61.9%

NeoAcademic: Fight Your Fear of Cockroaches With Augmented Reality

Networking Embedded Systems: Build your own gyroscope messenger as Christmas present

NeuroanthropologyHuman (amphibious model): living in and on the water

Neuroanthropology: 'The last free people on the planet'

Neuroanthropology: Getting around by sound: Human echolocation

NeuroDojo: Indie spirit

NeuroDojo: Ptarmigans on ptreadmills

NeuroDojo: Before you attack science, could you at least learn to use Google?

NeuroDojo: Tales to astonish

Neuron Culture: Free Science, One Paper at a Time

Neuropoly: The case of the man who couldn’t find the beat

NeuroPsydoctor8: Things were just simpler in the Dark Ages. Two Neuroscientific Challenges to Retributivism

NeuroPsydoctor8: Regarding Juvenile Comprehension of Miranda

NeuroPsydoctor8: Interested In Neuroethics and National Security? Well here you go:


Y U NO (cartoon)

NeuroPsydoctor8: Last thoughts and Consciousness

NeuroPsydoctor8: New neuroimaging technique: Mapping Myelination

Neuroself: Jonah Lehrer is not a neuroscientist

Neuroskeptic: Where Papers Come From

Neurosphere: Brain-based evidence for multiple intelligences?

Neurosphere: Is it time for a conceptual revolution in neuroscience?

Neurotic Physiology: Dinosaur Inspiration

Neurotic Physiology: In which Sci is WRONG, you guys. Follow up on bees and cell phones

Neurotribes: Woof! John Elder Robison, Living Boldly as a “Free-Range Aspergian”

the Node: The Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

the Node: Visualize it!

the Node: Turtles in a nutshell

Not Exactly Rocket Science: The Renaissance man: how to become a scientist over and over again

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Meet Dicty the amoeba – the world’s smallest farmer

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Prehistoric Brits made the world’s earliest skull-cups

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Forget butterflies – wasps and flies have hidden rainbows in their wings

Observations of a Nerd: Why do women cry? Obviously, it's so they don't get laid.

Observations of a Nerd: Reverse Bestiality: When Animals Commit Sexual Assault

How do you ID a dead Osama anyway?

The Occam's Typewriter Irregulars (ricardipus): Genome sequencing, Shakespeare style

The Occam's Typewriter Irregulars (ricardipus): Genome Assembly – a primer for the Shakespeare fan

Occ Psy Dot Com: Within boundaryless contexts, developmental relationships may positively impact upon optimism

Oh, For the Love of Science!: Zombie Ants and The Bite of Death

Oh, For the Love of Science!: Friday Weird Science GUEST POST: The distance between your testicles and your anus, 'taint unimportant

OnEarth: Reading Hurricane History in Layers of Marsh Mud

One Small Step: A supermassive star, all by its lonesome

One Small Step: Churnalism: Bad for Science?

One Small Step: Modelling comets, kittens and the Universe

Oscillator: Allergy Recapitulates Phylogeny

Oscillator: Smelling Bacteria

Oscillator: Mad Science: Synthetic Polycephaly

Oscillatory Thoughts: How to be a neuroscientist

Pharyngula: Dear Emma B

Phased: Black Women Perceived as Being More White Receive Judicial Leniency in the United States

PKIDs Blog: HPV Vaccine: The Anti-Cancer Vax

PLoS Blogs Guest Blog (Delene Beeland): Saving Ethiopia’s “Church Forests”

Plugged In: Routine Maintenance Plunges Southern California into Darkness

Plugged In: The Earthquake App — circa 1859

Plugged In: Awake in the City

Plugged In: Buildings are sexy, too

Plugged In: One Footprint at a Time

The Primate Diaries (at Times Higher Ed): Ariel casts out Caliban

The Primate Diaries: The Science of Sexism: Primate Behavior and the Culture of Sexual Coercion

The Primate Diaries:

The Primate Diaries: On the Origin of Cooperative Species: New study reverses a decade of research claiming chimpanzee selfishness

The Primate Diaries: Commodity Traitors: Financial Speculation on Commodities Fuels Global Insecurity

The Primate Diaries: Touching Death

Providentia: The Turing Problem (Part 1), The Turing Problem (Part 2) and The Turing Problem (Part 3) fused into a single essay.

Providentia: Deconstructing Godel

Providentia: What's Your Blood Type?

Providentia: That Healthy Glow (Part 1) and That Healthy Glow (Part 2) fused into a single essay.

PsiVid: A few notes about SCIENTISTS for those attending ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’…

PsiVid: What Kind of Science Television Viewer Are You?

PsySociety: Sex and the Married Neurotic

PsySociety: Envying Evolution: What Can The X-Men Teach Us About Stereotypes?

Puff the Mutant Dragon: Sunrise in the Garden of Dreams

Punctuated Equilibrium (guest post by Cath Ennis): The scientific method, in chromo-logical order

Purely a figment of your imagination: Helpful Poisons

Q Space: Juno: Journey to Jupiter

Quantum Diaries (US LHC): Helicity, Chirality, Mass, and the Higgs

Quintessence of Dust: What a selfish little piece of...

Quintessence of Dust: Evolution cheats, or how to get an old enzyme to do new tricks

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SouthernPlayalisticEvolutionMusic: Confronting Marginalization: External influences Blog: Angela Ronson Part 1: Not a Vegetable at All, but a White Crow

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