#NYCSciTweetUp is an open and informal gathering of people interested in science, science communication, science education, science writing, blogging, online social networks and science journalism.

There is no official program - this is just an opportunity for people to meet, chat, share a meal and a drink, perhaps do some networking, or even start collaborations (yes, those things actually happen there).

It happens, more or less regularly, once a month in New York City.

The information about the next event is on Facebook (note that this is not the third event, only the third since we started getting organized via Facebook, hence the #3 there).

The next #NYCSciTweetUp will be at the Peculier Pub at 145 Bleeker St, New York, NY 10012, on August 9th starting at 6:30pm and ending when the establishment closes...

The logistics of the organization are mainly handled by Krystal D'Costa with a little help from a few other locals.

Since the timing is flexible, the event often happens at the time I am visiting the NYC office, though there have been meetups without me, as well as trips without the meetup.

Last one was really huge, with more than 50 people in attendance, as it happened during the World Science Festival, thus locals had the entire week designated for attending science-related events, while a number of people who do not live in NYC were in town for the event and so they could join us as well.

To get alerted when the next one is organized, "Like" the official Facebook page or follow the hashtag #NYCSciTweetUp on Twitter.

If you can, join us next time (add your name to the Facebook Event) or some other time in the future.