Science Online London 2011 is the fourth annual meeting of people interested in the way the Web has transformed scientific research and communication. The conference will take place September 2-3 at the British Library. It is organized by and Digital Science, and the people who are most involved in the organization are Lou Woodley, Kaitlin Thaney and Martin Fenner.

I like to say that Science Online London is the "franchise" of the "original" North Carolina-based ScienceOnline conference I organize - it was originally modeled after it, but has grown to have its own flavor and format. This is the first time I will manage to make it to Science Online London myself and am very excited about the opportunity.

You can find all the information about the next meeting in this post on Nature Network.

Take a look at the homepage and the organizing wiki.

The hashtag is #solo11 on Twitter. There is also a Twitter List of attendees.

This is where you register and see who else is registered so far.

There is usually a lot of liveblogging and livetweeting of the event, and at least some sessions are recorded. If you intend to attend the meeting yourself, please approach me and introduce yourself.