The MSU students are back from China, where they explored the culture, looked for fossils, and studied dinosaur eggs in the laboratory. They have been sending their dispatches to us over the past couple of months, which you could read on the Expeditions blog. Here is, compiled all in one place for ease of access, the list of all of their posts:

New Expedition--MSU Student Research with Dinosaur Eggs in China By Bora Zivkovic

New season starts with division of egg duties, petrified trees, soybean Popsicles By Betsy Kruk

Beautiful window serves as escape hatch for baby dinosaur By Betsy Kruk

Fossil Hunting in China Very Different Than in Montana By Ashley Poust

Incredible Find in Temple Museum, Harrowing Rescue on Crumbly Mudstone By Betsy Kruk

Rock Mapping a Challenge for Biology Student By Amanda Wregglesworth

Go to Landfill, Find a Dinosaur Footprint! By Christi Lorang

We Visit Fishy Relatives, Geology Wonderland By Ashley Poust and Hannah Susorney

Dinosaur Egg Clutches, Not as Simple as Chicken Eggs By Hannah Susorney and Christi Lorang

How does one measure eggshell thickness in dinosaurs? By Josette WoodenLegs and Tyler Bridges

I hope you enjoyed their writing (you can thank them in the comments), and perhaps they will do this again next year.

In the meantime, if you are going to do field work and are interested in blogging your experience at Expeditions blog, let me know (BoraATsciamDOTcom) so we can discuss the logistics.

Image: Hannah Susorney and Christi Lorang investigate dinosaur eggs at the Zhejiang Museum of Natural History in China. (Photo by Josette Wooden Legs).