It is Friday, when some bloggers go for lighter fare - like LOLcats! - but others ignore this old blogospheric tradition and post serious stuff instead. See who did what today:

Eric Michael Johnson - Stressing Motherhood: How Biology and Social Inequality Foster Maternal Infanticide.


Krystal D'Costa - The Original Angry Birds?.


Christie Wilcox - This Week’s Scishimi: Rock, Paper, Sexism and More.


Joanne Manaster - Reminiscing about the Space Shuttle Program through Video.


Serious Monkey Business - Guest Post! Seeing the Monkey in the Mirror.


Charles Q. Choi - From The Writer’s Desk: New Questions, New Frontiers.


Bora Zivkovic - ScienceOnline2011 – interview with Kari Wouk.


Glendon Mellow - Magic Beans.


Alex Wild - Two bloggy things.


Katherine Harmon - FDA Starts to Tackle Regulation of Health and Medical Apps.


Josette WoodenLegs and Tyler Bridges - How does one measure eggshell thickness in dinosaurs?


Jennifer Ouellette - Flushed With Pride.


David Bressan - Time for a new epoch? – the Anthropocene


Bora Zivkovic - Some weekend reading for you


Princess Ojiaku - Highlights of Notes & Neurons: In Search of the Common Chorus


And if you missed some of the other recent posts - I have collected them here:

Wow! What a week!

Friday Network Highlights #2

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