Many people go offline over the weekend, and are busy catching up at work on Monday. So, you may have missed some of the posts that were published over the weekend and earlier today. Now that you are at home and relaxed, perhaps you can take a look at enjoy them.

I thought I'd be doing this only once a week. Perhaps in the future it will be possible, but this week I'll need to do this twice. Right now, bloggers are so excited and eager, they are publishing fantastic stuff all day long!!!

Eight great posts over the weekend:

Kevin McCluney, on the Guest Blog, gives a primer on Finding good information on the internet. If you trust him...


James Byrne explains the basics of Narcolepsy…zzzZZZzzz….


This is fascinating! Do you ever think about the weather on other planets and their moons? Caleb Scharf does. And explains it all in Smoke signals plus adding a speculation how massive control of weather can be used for intergallactic communication!


An Action Hero Approach to Energy, where the action hero is Arnold Schwarzenegger who actually makes sense, and tells it in ways that may work for that audience. By Christina Agapakis.


In Confirmation Bias and Art, Samuel McNerney ends with the test. A visual, almost artistic test. See how many commenters fell for it.


Darren is known to be thorough. When he picks up a topic, e.g., a tetrapod group, he goes into great detail over a series of several posts. This one looks like the first post in a series, just a beginning... In pursuit of Romanian frogs (part I: Bombina).


Davide Castelvecchi (in Being Mister Fantastic) puts down a challenge: "develop an immersive system in which you can adjust the speed of light and see what happens to your body and the world around it." And explains how and why.


The very first blog carnival in the history of #SciAmBlogs: Circus of the Spineless #63.5 at The Artful Amoeba. The next edition will also be here.


And today:


A recent paper suggesting that drinking coffee can stave off Alzheimer’s made some rounds in the media. Scicurious dissects everything that is known about it and is not impressed. But sticks to her coffee anyway. I got my refill while reading it myself.


Organic food. There is a lot of mythology about it circulating both in the media and in general conversations. Christie Wilcox takes a look at the myths and provides a balanced, informed guide to what "organic" really means in agriculture. This makes activists on both sides mad, thus sending her tons of traffic! Well done!


In Sciencefilm: A wonderful way to introduce yourself to the world of scientific filmmaking… Carin Bondar attends a movie-making class and showcases the best results.


David Bressan is a glutton for pun-ishment - but It’s sedimentary, my dear Watson is a fascinating look into history of using rocks and stones as forensic evidence.


What is Open Laboratory? It's a blog,... no, a book, ...a blog-book, a blook?. It is an annual anthology of the best writing on science blogs. And the current submissions are listed.


Put on your best smiley face before reading this: Communicating Meaning Online: A Digital Expression of Theory of Mind by Krystal D'Costa. The origin, and use of, and need for emoticons.


Simple, yet so obvious: A Modest Proposal: A Waterproof iPhone, by Charles Q. Choi. Enabling Flash will not do it, though.


Rob Dunn is back (for the 4th time, I think, and again with a big hit with our audience) at The Guest Blog with How Probiotics May Save Your Life and why mice have to give their lives for it.


S.E. Gould looks at simple cellular machines.


Obama Administration is about to release some oil from the reserves. Not so fast! says Melissa Lott, and explains why.


David Ropeik always gets a reaction. But for a good reason - see The Lesson of the Fear of Vaccines.


David Biello, on Observations blog: Nuclear Fission Confirmed as Source of More than Half of Earth's Heat



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