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What a great second week since the launch! The team is invisibly but surely improving the site, bloggers are blogging (see links below), and the buzz online on social networks has not subsided one bit!

Here are some of the latest shout-outs we got in the blogosphere: BCLocalNews, Why Evolution Is True, Not Exactly Rocket Science, Science of Blogging, Superoceras, Immortal Coils, Ed Cone's WordUp and Terra Sigillata

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This is the end of the scheduled roll-out of the first posts by the network bloggers. Starting tonight at midnight (Eastern) they are free to blog as they wish, at any time and any frequency they want. I am not sure if they will start immediately or take a weekend breather first and then explode with content on Monday - we'll wait and see.

Here are this week's posts, in case you missed them - what a wonderful diversity of topics, voices and styles:

Tetrapod Zoology, Darren Naish: You have your giant fossil rabbit neck all wrong


The White Noise, Cassie Rodenberg: Legalize Pot? The "Harmless" Drug and Schizophrenia


Science with Moxie, Princess Ojiaku: Please pay attention to the notes


Cocktail Party Physics, Jennifer Ouellette: A Series of Tubes


The Primate Diaries, Eric Michael Johnson: Frans de Waal on Political Apes, Science Communication, and Building a Cooperative Society


Lab Rat, S.E. Gould: Communicating with electricity


Extinction Countdown, John Platt: Deadly Rabbit Disease May Have Doomed Iberian Lynx


Creatology, Christine Ottery: Lia Ditton: Messing around on boats


Culturing Science, Hannah Waters: The conservation school of hard-knocks, or how I chose hope over futility


Plugged In, Scott Huler: Maybe … a Half of a Cheer for Shale Gas? Maybe? and Robynne Boyd: One Footprint at a Time


Symbiartic, Kalliopi Monoyios: 5 Reasons Your Camera Won’t Steal My Job


Cross-Check, John Horgan: Are Antidepressants Just Placebos With Side Effects?


The SA Incubator, Bora Zivkovic: Weekly Highlights #1 - virtual embryos, snakebite ointment, science of 4th of July, suspicions about salt, and more


The Thoughtful Animal, Jason G. Goldman: Rats, Bees, and Brains: The Death of the "Cognitive Map"


Crude Matter, Michelle Clement: Blood suckers: disease vectors and drug innovators


Budding Scientist, Anna Kuchment: Adopting a Caterpillar, and other adventures


A Blog Around The Clock, Bora Zivkovic: Telling science stories...wait, what's a "story"?


Context and Variation, Kate Clancy: To save your marriage, hold the mayo… but only if you’re a lady


Anecdotes from the Archive, Mary Karmelek: Odd Bicycles from the Archives, or Ways to Cheat in Cycling Besides Doping


Science Sushi, Christie Wilcox: What's in a name?


Assignment: Impossible, Charles Q. Choi: Visions: No Worlds Left To Conquer


The Scicurious Brain, Scicurious: Ketamine and Major Depressive Disorder: Is it Better with Special K?


Compound Eye, Alex Wild: Thrifty Thursday: What's the difference between a $200 and a $2000 camera?


PsiVid, Carin Bondar: Winners of the Inaugural Science Online Film Festival


Streams of Consciousness, Ingrid Wickelgren: Crux of Schizophrenia’s Emotional and Social Deficits May Be Cognitive


Oscillator, Christina Agapakis: Summer Reading


EvoEcoLab, Kevin Zelnio: The Reality and Utility of Bear Paternity Tests


The Ocelloid, Psi Wavefunction: First things first: so what are protists anyway?


The Artful Amoeba, Jennifer Frazer: The Jellyfish that Conquered Land -- and Australia


The Guest Blog was busy as usual, with a number of cool posts - check them out:

Using Computers to Model the Heart... Why Bother? by Byron Roberts

Dad, the Apollos and the End of Space Shuttle Era Sadness by Susanna Speier

How Environmentalists Can Respond to Americans' Need for Personal Space by Katherine Friedrich

"Project Nim" Reveals a Scientific Scandal by Edmund Blair Bolles

What's Going On with Those Scandinavian Sperm? by Emily Willingham

Taking Charge of Your Life and Your Death by Mary Knudson

Blood Lust: The Early History of Transfusion by Holly Tucker

Nature's Nuclear Reactors: The 2-Billion-Year-Old Natural Fission Reactors in Gabon, Western Africa by Evelyn Mervine

At the #NASAtweetup for the last shuttle launch by Joanne Manaster

Why Is Quantum Gravity So Hard? And Why Did Stalin Execute the Man Who Pioneered the Subject? by Gennady Gorelik

Trials Bolster Case for Preemptive Use of HIV Drugs to Reduce Transmission Rates by Hannah Waters

How well do Miss USA contestants represent their states? By Josh Rosenau

On Observations, our editors and staff wrote, among else:

Today's Polar Bears Started Out Brown and Irish [Video] by Sophie Bushwick

New ATM Designed For Semi-Literate and Illiterate Populations and How Do You Hack Into Someone's Voicemail? by Larry Greenemeier

Hacked Hardware Has Been Sold in the U.S. by Michael Moyer

Immigrant Moms Typically Have Lower Infant Mortality Rates Than U.S.-born Mothers and Mid-Life Patients Could Benefit by Updating Doctors on Family Medical History by Katherine Harmon.

Should Morbid Childhood Obesity Be Considered Child Abuse? By Philip Yam

The Guest Blog will surely have new posts over the weekend, but let's now watch when midnight strikes if the other bloggers jump out of the gates as well....and if not, they surely soon will.