Lots of updates and news today.

After sending out yet another reminder for bloggers to add their submissions we closed #openlab for submissions at 9am this morning, so now you can see the entire list of 721 entries here: Open Laboratory 2011 – the complete list of all submitted entries

We have a new website for the upcoming ScienceOnline2012 conference, with lots of updates, so you can catch up in What is: ScienceOnline2012.

As it is Monday, there is a new Image of the Week for you to check out.

October is the DonorsChoose month, when blog readers help fund science projects in classrooms. There is also a lot of friendly rivalry between various blogging groups and networks, so I hope you will support our network. Make sure you read these posts (four so far - more bloggers will post soon), and help as much as you can:

- Janet D. Stemwedel - Introducing DonorsChoose Science Bloggers for Students 2011 (with a wag of the finger for Stephen Colbert).


- DNLee - Science Bloggers for Students – Supporting public school science programs


- Christie Wilcox - Students need your help!


- Jennifer Frazer - Amoebas for a Better Science Tomorrow


And the rest of the network was not idle either - check it out:

- Scicurious - IgNobel Prize WINNER: A kiss is just a kiss, but is a sigh ever just a sigh? and IgNobel Prize WINNER: If you yawn, your pet tortoise don’t care and IgNobel Prize WINNER: The power of effective procrastination. and IgNobel prize WINNER: You might have a better time saving your spare change if you REALLY need to pee. and IgNobel Prize WINNER: Solving all your problems…with tanks and IgNobel Prize WINNER: Public Safety is even safer when you can’t see


- Bora Zivkovic - BIO101 – What Creatures Do: Animal Behavior and #Arseniclife link collection and Best of September at A Blog Around The Clock


- Jason G. Goldman - Get Your Science On in LA, October 2011: Space, Seeing, Skloot, Dinos, Fossil Hunting, and more! and Sunday Photoblogging: Lens Flare Over Malibu


- Krystal D'Costa - Tracing the Trickle-down in Roman Recycling and Four Stone Hearth 119: Refiring the Hearth


- Katrina Edwards - North Pond: Got CORK? Yes and no and North Pond: CORKs take II


- Jennifer Frazer - 800,000 Manmade Plant Fossils (and counting)


- S.E. Gould - Sequencing the Impossible – working with ‘unculturable’ bacteria


- Christie Wilcox - Observations: Reverse Bestiality


- Davide Castelvecchi - Superluminal Neutrinos Would Wimp Out En Route


- Jesse Bering - Half Dead: Men and the “Mid-Life Crisis”


- Darren Naish - Three remarkable hummingbird discoveries


- Katherine Harmon - Nearly 400 Accidents with Dangerous Pathogens and Bio-Toxins Reported in U.S. Labs over Seven Years


- David Wogan - Urbanized – a documentary about urban design by Gary Hustwit


- Amanda Cuéllar, with Colin Beal - Guest Post: Food for thought – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


- Layla Eplett - Food Fights: Reconsidering Famine and War in the Horn of Africa


- John Horgan - Drone Assassinations Hurt the U.S. More Than They Help Us


- Christina Agapakis - Bloggingheads: Invasion of the Synthetic Bacteria


- Kalliopi Monoyios - Need Proof That We’re Visual Beings?


- Carin Bondar - A ground-breaking kind of SCIENCE FILM contest – every campus should have one


- Joanne Manaster - Monday Music Video


- Alex Wild - Give yourself an extra appendage with Manfrotto’s Magic Arm


- James Byrne - MolBio Carnival #15!


- David Bressan - Accretionary Wedge #38: Back to Shool for Applied Geology



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