Check it out as our dedicated Cities page is growing. As I did all this week, links to the 'Cities' posts first:


- Krystal D'Costa - A Tale of Two Undergrounds


- Christie Wilcox - From Country Bumpkin to City Dweller: Urban Wildlife


- D.N.Lee - Dealing with Waste & Sewage – the cost of “civilized” living: An ode to the Commode


- David Bressan - Cities and Geological Risk


- John Matson - A Mobile ‘Lab’ for Urban Conversations Debuts in New York City [Video]



Do not miss all the other posts as well - some real gems there:


- Robin Smith - The Future of a Fog Oasis


- Michelle Clement - DMSP and betaines: or, Stinky clams and coral bleaching.


- Melissa C. Lott - An Electric Power Industry Evolution – from Provider to Partner


- John Matson - GOP Candidate Jon Huntsman Makes Waves with Tweet on Evolution and Climate Change


- Jennifer Jacquet - Immune System + Opportunity = Immunitunity


- Larry Greenemeier - Hacked in 60 Seconds: Thieves Could Steal Cars via Text Messages


- Maria Konnikova - Don’t Just See, Observe: What Sherlock Holmes Can Teach Us About Mindful Decisions


- Jennifer Ouellette - Friday Fodder, August 19, 2011




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