Two years ago, barely a month after this blog network launched, Maria Konnikova published her first Guest Blog post about psychology of Sherlock Holmes. A few such posts later, seeing how wonderful (and well received) those posts were, I could not resist inviting Maria to join the network as a permanent blogger. So Literally Psyched was born. About that same time, a publisher came along and soon her book, Mastermind came out, instantly hitting the best-seller lists.

Today, we say farewell to Maria, as she moves her writing to The New Yorker where she will continue blogging about the intersection between psychology, humanities and literature. I am so proud for Maria, and so happy she was a part of our community for two years. It was wonderful observing how she evolved into a superstar writer and I urge you to continue reading her work wherever it may appear.

Also today, we welcome a new blogger to our network. Many of you are already familiar with Sheril Kirshenbaum from her books (The Science of Kissing and Unscientific America) and her blogging at The Intersection at, later moved to Discover, or her Wired blog Convergence, or her own personal blog Culture of Science.

I am very excited to announce that Sheril will be joining Melissa, Robynne, David and Scott as a new crew member at the Plugged In blog, covering a variety of topics related to energy. So go there and say Hello to Sheril and welcome her to the network.