Usually this announcement comes out much earlier in the year, but the transition from to FSG has changed all the dates - the cycle is now different. But still, it's high time to announce the Guest Editor for the next edition of The Best Science Writing Online, the annual anthology of the best science writing on blogs, a project of

After much deliberation and consultation with the 2012 editor Jennifer Ouellette and SciAm/FSG book editor Amanda Moon, I have finally picked the new Guest Editor, and am very pleased to announce that I will spend the next year working on this project alongside a great friend, great writer, and great blogger - Scott Huler.

Scott came to blogging from a traditional journalistic path - newspapers, radio and books. I absolutely loved his last book, On The Grid. He started blogging a few years ago on his own site, as well as for a year as 2011 Piedmont Laureate. But he really made it as a blogger when he joined the Plugged-In blog as a co-blogger here at Scientific American. His post on sea rise in North Carolina broke all sorts of historical, sitewide traffic records here. And he is one of the most beloved members of our community on Twitter.

I know the judges and the 50 authors of winning blog posts will love workinig with Scott, and I will enjoy the opportunity to work alongside Scott, often in person - he is in Raleigh, I am in Chapel Hill, we can always meet in Durham and work on this over coffee or lunch.

The submission form for the next year will open soon - watch this space for more information, and start bookmarking the best posts since October 1st.