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Updates on the blog network and news from the science blogosphere.


#SciAmBlogs Wednesday - pure water, science career trajectories, origin of life, fish melanoma, synthetic biology, and more.

- Kelly Izlar - The Purest of Them All - Rebecca Wragg Sykes - Re-igniting the fire: challenge and chance in science career trajectories - Christie Wilcox - Fish with Melanoma – Our Enduring Environmental Legacy - Ashutosh Jogalekar - The beginnings of life: Chemistry’s grand question - Dawn Santoianni - Guest Post: Innovation Cleans Up Waste-to-Energy - Christina Agapakis - Timelines, roadmaps, and tools: navigating the futures of synthetic biology - John R...

STAFFAugust 2, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

#SciAmBlogs Tuesday - barnacles, miscarriage, medical practice for beginners, addiction in the media, saltwater crocs, and more.

Join us tomorrow for the Online Chat at 1 P.M. Wednesday on Massive Black-Outs in India and Beyond.- Claire O’Connell - Getting a Grip on the Goose Barnacle - Kate Clancy - SciAm Beginnings: When a Beginning is Not a Beginning - Ilana Yurkiewicz - From live animals to mannequins to human beings: can there ever be an ethical way to practice medical procedures? - Maria Konnikova - The birth of experimental psychology: How do we measure beginnings? - Janet D...

STAFFJuly 31, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

#SciAmBlogs Friday - Gene duplication, moss sex, global food, origin of scientific journals, genetically engineered athletes, and more.

- Ashutosh Jogalekar - Gene duplication frees up enzymes for molecular promiscuity - Jennifer Frazer - How Mosses Have Sex in Spite of Their Swimming-Challenged Sperm - Marianne de Nazareth - Can we feed 9 billion people by 2050 or will we starve? - Dana Hunter - Beginnings: Where will you begin? - Bonnie Swoger - The (mostly true) origins of the scientific journal - Richa Malhotra - Interview with Thomas Levenson - John Horgan - Should Fans Fret that Olympians Are Fiddling With Their Genes? - Joanne Manaster - The Worlds of Viral Video - Scicurious - Friday Weird Science: Think you can go long?...

STAFFJuly 27, 2012 — Bora Zivkovic

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