As has been announced earlier today, Scientific American blogs is “being reorganized.” As part of that euphemism, many blogs, mine included, are being eliminated as of today, along with changes in their editorial policies.

Writing for SciAm has been a very gratifying experience. I want to especially thank Bora Zivokvic for giving me my start, inviting me to join SciAm in 2011, and to Karyn Traphagen and the folks at ScienceOnline. As I reflect all the wonderful folks I’ve met as a result, I realize how my world has been enriched through their tireless efforts, and want to thank them again.

I might occasionally appear with a guest blog post for SciAm, but my new home will be at Forbes. I appreciate their warm welcome as a Pharma and Healthcare contributor. Devotees can follow me there at Forbes and at Twitter, @drjudystone, and can contact me through either site.

Thanks, too, to the SciAm editors for having allowed me to post on topics that I was passionate about, including the problems of rural hospitals and research ethics and, in particular, having supported my series on the ethical lapses in psychiatric trials at the University of Minnesota, aka the Markingson case.

With thanks for these years at SciAm and to my ardent followers… hasta mañana.