By Ingrid Wickelgren For years, Scientific American has featured an extremely popular Guest Blog on this website. That space offers a unique venue for scientists and other outside contributors to share news, insights and commentary in their fields of expertise. It also provides an opportunity for knowledgeable people to air controversies and clear up confusions about current events that relate to all scientific disciplines. Now, as part of the new MIND Blog Network, we unveil a parallel visitor forum--the MIND Guest Blog--for advances and opinions about the mind and brain! Here you will hear a diversity of voices that will shout (and murmur) surprises about the way we and other species think, feel and act. Watch this space for the latest ideas about child development, mental illness, risk, the mind-body connection, education, brain development, neuroeconomics, addiction, happiness, fear, violence, relationships and more. If you are a psychologist, sociologist, neurologist, neuroscientist or brain researcher of any stripe, please join the conversation! Think of this space as a way to address an attentive audience that extends far beyond your colleagues. Send us ideas at CoturnixATgmailDOTcom. Check back here soon for our debut post!