It seems that the Saturnian system just keeps on giving when it comes to amazing imagery. Of course it helps to have a $3 billion space mission in place like Cassini to record everything going on. From Saturn The Movie, to The Austere Beauty Of Other Worlds, and Raw Footage From An Alien World, I've posted quite a few of Cassini's pictorial successes. But now comes what just might be the one to top them all. The director and editor Sander van den Berg based in The Netherlands has put together a huge number of Cassini still images to produce a movie that covers a remarkable amount of what's going on in the Saturnian 'hood - including some incredible shots of moonlets interacting with the rings, storms and circulations on Saturn itself, and the endless to-ing and fro-ing of moons, light, and shadow.

It's quite astonishing, and brings this world and its satellites to life as if they were all part of a busy, busy little protozoa, floating its way through a vast and dark cosmic ocean. So enjoy "Outer Space".