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Following the fossil trail through evolution, extinction, and survival

Brian has been a fossil fanatic since the time he was knee-high to a Stegosaurus. His evolution into a science writer and amateur paleontologist was only natural. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, right in the center of dinosaur country, he chases tales of vanished lives from museum collections to remote badlands.

Starting with a personal blog ten years ago, Brian's adoration for all things prehistoric has led him to blog for Smithsonian, Wired, National Geographic, and now Scientific American, with a range of freelance pieces in venues from Nerdist and Nature to Slate in the Wall Street Journal. He also acted as the science advisor for the Jurassic World website, hosted the video series Dinologue, and was dubbed one of the top "science social media wizards" by Business Insider.

In between blogs and articles, Brian also writes books. His first, Written in Stone, was an exploration about what evolution's great transitions tell us about our place in nature, and his second, My Beloved Brontosaurus, was a critically-acclaimed romp with the new dinosaurs science is bringing to life. He also wrote two new books in 2014 - the National Geographic special issue When Dinosaurs Ruled and the children's book Prehistoric Predators, illustrated by Julius Csotonyi. His next book is tentatively titled Skeleton Keys, and it will explore how bones are not totems of death but rather stand as symbols of life and evolution.

But Brian does more than just write about fossils. Every summer he volunteers with an array of museums and universities to discover and excavate new specimens across the west. These expeditions have taken him from the arid deserts of New Mexico to a Wyoming cave filled with Ice Age mammal bones. Visits to lost worlds fuel Brian's writing and his enthusiasm for life's amazing history.

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