It's heading into the festive season, and unfortunately what with parties, Christmas, work, and trying to organise a honeymoon and then taking a honeymoon there will be something of a decrease in your regular Lab Rat blog posts over the next couple of months. I usually try to put out two posts a week, but over December-January it'll probably drop down to one post per week while I get through real-life.

But even though I'm dropping back on the output a little, you can still read great blog posts because the Open Laboratory 2012 (which is really 2011) nominations have just been announced! 51 of some of the best blog posts online, covering all angles of science by a whole range of interesting writers.

If you're missing the microbiology blogging however, head on over to the latest MolBio carnival, hosted at Rule of 6. It has a strong microbiology slant, and some really great posts. While you're there, check out some of the other posts on Connor's blog - he focuses on virology and viruses and the occasional bacteria does manage to sneak in there :p

In February, I'll be back with a vengeance, blogging, promoting, and trying to push my blog up even higher on the SciAm page-view rankings. For the next two months though, things will be a little slower and more leisurely as I sort out, and get though, my holidays!