Want to blog under the prestigious Nature banner? Here’s an opportunity for you.

The Scitable science blogging network, from Nature Education, Nature Publishing Group’s educational division, aims to provide interesting and exciting science to students but also to science enthusiasts. The network hosts some great science bloggers and blogs. One of those blogs is Student Voices (SV), the group blog which hosts an array of science bloggers with a myriad of thoughts and views about science. Great news is SV is recruiting. More below from Paige Brown, blog manager of SV.

(Full disclosure: I am the community blog manager at Nature Education.)


Addressing all budding science bloggers and science writing enthusiasts! As blog manager of Student Voices (SV), the ever-popular community blog of student science writers at Scitable, an endeavor of Nature Education, the educational division of Nature Publishing Group (NPG), I am writing to present you with a unique opportunity to write for us! SV is a group blog comprising a number of young and talented student bloggers, many of whom have recently ‘graduated’ from SV to pursue careers as professional bloggers and journalists! SV is proud to have helped these student bloggers build their careers, and to see them moving on. But now we need new Voices! We are currently looking for new science bloggers to join our team as others leave for new challenges.

At SV, we write whatever strikes our fancy as science enthusiasts and young scientists. YOU will be the voice of our student community science. Writing when you want (more or less), what you want and with the guidance of our fantastic editors and technology personnel. This is a great opportunity for you to extend your voice into the more prestigious branches of the science blogosphere.

So what are you waiting for! Tweet me, @FromTheLabBench, or e-mail me at pbrow11@tigers.lsu.edu to pitch a story for SV! If we like what you write, your post will go up on the blog and before you know it, you will be writing for us on the reg’!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Paige Brown

Blog manager of Nature Education’s Student Voices