Image of the Week #13, October 18, 2011:

From: Friday Fodder, October 14, 2011 by Jennifer Ouellette at Cocktail Party Physics.

Original source: Benedetta Bonichi

Jennifer Ouellette’s Friday Fodder once again has an amazing array of stories you might discuss at a cocktail party (while clustered around a laptop) including the x-ray fine artwork of Benedetta Bonichi. The metamorphosis takes an artistic theme that’s been around longer than human history, anthropomorphising animal-human hybrids, and projects that theme in a visual language both modern and antique, through x-ray imagery. The distressed, discolored x-rays feel like found footage or lost archives, while x-rays themselves are modern enough to give one pause on the animal-human hybrid theme. In The Metamorphosis, the expressive bird-headed figure’s movement is captured at a moment in time, like a technological fossil we know cannot be real but that invites our study, preying on the empathy we feel for both human and our animal cousins.