Image of the Week #29, February 6th, 2012:

From: ScienceOnline2012 Sci-Art Show: The Winners by Glendon Mellow at Symbiartic

Source: Allen Human Brain Atlas by Perrin Ireland

Research notes that would ve made da Vinci proud. Perrin Ireland s sketchnotes were a massively popular activity at ScienceOnline2012, and this example from her Brain Atlas project makes it easy to see why: science is communicated in accessible, energizing illustration and living text that compels you to read it. It also compelled many attendees to make it; art is sometimes a forbidden fruit for people who don’t feel competent enough to try to make a representational image, and that was the beauty of Ireland’s workshop – she got people playing with imagery and they expanded their own understanding of what interacting with science can be. This gorgeous image was one of the winners of the first ScienceOnline Sci-Art Show, seen on Symbiartic.