Image of the Week #35, March 28th, 2012:

From: Noel W. Cusa s brilliant seabird drawings by Darren Naish at Tetrapod Zoology.

Source: Lockley, R. M. 1983. Flight of the Storm Petrel. David & Charles, Newton Abbott & London.

Illustrator Noel William Cusa (1909-1990) firmly entrenches this cross-hatched ink drawing of a storm petrel, Oceanodroma madsudairae, in it’s home environment by mimicking the iconic waves of Japanese Edo master Hokusai. Using nothing ut black line without any tones, Cusa’s petrel is displayed in its anatomically-identifiable best pose while seeming to soar over the turbulent waters. Accuracy in scientific illustration is essential, and by using a visual vocabulary from art history, Cusa managed to convey even more information than a natural landscape would.