Image of the Week #64, October 15th, 2012: From: Awesome sea-going crocodyliforms of the Mesozoic by Darren Naish at Tetrapod Zoology. Source: Darren Naish One of the joys after practicing to develop drawing skills, is employing them in your own research. Tetrapod Zoology blogger Darren Naish once again shared his rich, personality-filled, achingly accurate Crocodylomorph Montage, (now with metriorynchids!) to demonstrate the breadth of modern crocodiles' prehistoric ancestors. Astonishing variations matching the diversity of any ceratopsian or hadrosaur family portrait immediately grin and gurn their way out at us in Naish's illustration, underscoring the biodiversity he discusses in his post, Awesome sea-going crocodyliforms of the Mesozoic.