Image of the Week #58, September 4th, 2012:

From: SciArt of the Day: Rhinoceros 1515 by Glendon Mellow at Symbiartic.

Source: Kazuhiko Nakamura

Science communication can be a challenging business, and often, the right hook to entice people in is a stunning visual. This month on Symbiartic, Glendon Mellow and Kalliopi Monoyios will be posting a new example of science-art every day to challenge perceptions about what science communication can look like.

Rhinoceros 1515 by digital 3D artist Kazuhiko Nakamura plays with the famous woodcut by Renaissance artist Albrecht D rer and transforms it into a powerful steampunk image. D rer had never seen a live rhinoceros, and created his images from descriptions and other people’s sketches. Here, Nakamura shows us what some artist in centuries hence may envision about rhinos should we lose them to extinction.

Visit Kazuhiko Nakamura’s site, Mechanical Mirage for more inspired imagery.