Image of the Week #41, May 7th, 2012:

From: Worth Pitching? Lost civilization that punched holes in skulls by Charles Q. Choi at Assignment: Impossible.

Source: Like You Need a Hole in the Head: Tool Innovation a Possible Cause of Trephination. A Case from Kerma, Nubia by D. C. Martin, in International Journal of Osteoarchaeology, via io9

What looks like a bullet hole in this ancient skull is actually the result of a sophisticated medical procedure called trepanning that was carried out on an individual more than 3500 years ago in what is modern day Sudan. The procedure was likely done with a drill similar to those used to hollow out sarcophagi in ancient Egypt, but the reason for such a dramatic surgery remains shrouded by time. We do know, however, that the individual survived long enough after the procedure for the bone to heal significantly.