Credit: China News Service/Zhong Xin
Source: Bec Crew’s Largest aquatic insect in the world found in China on Running Ponies

Remember the Guinness Book of World Records? Pouring over the pages of tiny text and black and white images of record breakers was a hallowed summer time-busting tradition, at least in my circle of friends. When it got too hot to do anything else, the Guinness Book would always invite us to lie prostrate and expend as little energy as possible as we flipped through the pages in search of the weirdest and most extreme. So it’s fitting that this week, in the heat of summer, Bec Crew introduces the world’s largest aquatic insect, a new species of Megaloptera that boasts a 21-centimeter wingspan (that’s ~8.25 inches for us ‘mericans), complete with a thoughtfully-placed chicken egg for scale. If you’re curious about this superbug’s company at the top ranks of “world’s largest insects,” Crew’s post has a nice collection of shockingly large bugs to show off.