Image of the Week #113 October 24 2013Good-bye Austin Texas. 168m of Sea Level Rise, by Andrew David Thaler using Google Maps.

From: Drown Your Town: what does your hometown look like with sea level rise? by David Wogan at Plugged In.

Source: Andrew David Thaler

Amid a couple of harrowing weeks in the science blogging community, a madcap and dastardly plan was hatched by the Southern Fried Scientist, Andrew David Thaler.
Using Google Maps and a wicked sense of fun, Thaler took people’s city + Sea Level Rise suggestions and tweeted the results with the hashtag #DrownYourTown. The results, many gathered together by by David Wogan on Plugged In, show frightening dystopias and gentle Venetian style canals in some unlikely places.

In addition, Thaler (@SFriedScientist on Twitter) has posted instructions on how to drown your town on Google Maps. Bwa ha ha!