Chicken-Egg, by Din Matamoro


Spanish artist Din Matamoro likes to play with his food. We have featured some of Matamoro’s egg-to-chicken (or is it chicken-to-egg?) creations previously, but art truly knows no boundaries. More recent artworks portray an pig-egg, and fish-egg and an rabbit-egg (the Easter Bunny, perhaps?).

Pig-Egg, by Din Matamoro


The eggs are all fried in hot oil, Spanish-style. That means over medium: over easy and over hard are not only unheard of in Spain, but verging on the sacrilegious. Semi-submersion in hot oil has the aesthetic advantage of making the egg whites crispy and golden around the edges, producing all sorts of fantastical shapes if you have an artist’s eye.


Rabbit-Egg, by Din Matamoro



Fish-Egg, by Din Matamoro