"I was drawn to forensics too, but I chose to focus on neuroscience. Psychopaths. We both chose murder. Maybe we're both a little crazy." -- Dr. Vogel in Dexter

Last night I finally had the chance to watch the first episode of Dexter's 8th and final season. The series has been a bit uneven, in my opinion: a spectacular first season (The Ice Truck Killer) and a fourth season (The Trinity Killer) that was almost as good have been exceptions among more mundane seasons (I've managed to watch them all, nevertheless). So I wasn't holding my breath for this season's premiere, but I did find it quite enjoyable, and especially so because the writers have gone for a neuroscience bent this time. Dexter's swan song will involve chasing down a serial killer that puts a melon baller to the unique use of scooping the anterior insula out of the brains of his victims.

The Neurocritic blog reviews the neuroscience of Dexter's season 's premier very nicely.