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Illusion Chasers

Illusion Chasers

Illusions, Delusions, and Everyday Deceptions

Brain Awareness Week in NYC

This week is Brain Awareness Week 2015! A number of great events are taking place around the world to promote public education of the brain and to support research in neurological and psychiatric diseases...

March 15, 2015 — Stephen L. Macknik

The Unforeseen Joys of Encapsulating The Present

A recent study shows that underestimating the value of current experiences leads people to make time-inconsistent choices. We fail to document the present, only to wish we had done it, in the future...

March 8, 2015 — Susana Martinez-Conde

Why Julianne Moore and Taylor Swift See That Dress Differently

I don't think that the reason people see the dress differently from each other is an interesting brain process. Rather, it is a mundane differences in how people have viewed the image on their electronic display screens (phones, tablets, laptops, etc)...

February 27, 2015 — Stephen L. Macknik

Why Romantic Illusions Are a Good Thing

Scientists believe that idealizing one's partner can work as a self-fulfilling prophecy, where illusion eventually becomes reality. That is to say, people can help to create the partners they wish they had, by exaggerating their virtues and minimizing their faults in their own minds...

February 12, 2015 — Susana Martinez-Conde

Obsession at the Rubin Museum

The brain region underlying motivation and pleasure are directly interconnected in a loop that we neurophysiologists refer to as a circuit.

February 5, 2015 — Stephen L. Macknik

The Neuroscience of Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams are perhaps the most bizarre perceptual experience one can have. You are asleep and dreaming, but suddenly you realize that it's all just a dream.

January 31, 2015 — Susana Martinez-Conde

A New Reverspective

One of the very strange effects of reverse perspective is that the images seem to follow you as you pass by them. As if, while you are observing them, the pictures are watching you back...

January 25, 2015 — Stephen L. Macknik

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