Eventually everybody has to face change and his personal Chicxulub and so will the History of Geology blog end as part of the Scientific American Network.

I'm very grateful to the Scientific American Staff and the many bloggers in the network for the support, opportunities and especially the fun offered in these past three years.

As the blog started and was ever intended as spare time project, I will surely continue to share geology and earth-history related content on the old blog http://historyofgeology.fieldofscience.com/ , also on facebook and on twitter.

So I hope to have shared with all occasional readers (so patient in reading over the grammar issues ;) ) my interest in how geology, rocks and the workings of earth have affected people and civilizations in the past and present times, and remember...

"Geologists are very pleasant companions, especially [but not limited to] for geologists. It’s their art, to stop at every stone, and carry out an investigation at every layer of earth! […] And that’s why I love this science so much. It is infinite and boundless as all poetry!"

from the “La vallèe de Trient” by the Swiss author Rodolphe Toepffer (1799-1846)