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History of Geology

History of Geology

What rocks tell and how we came to understand it

The Earth-like Mars

" Yet if hope has flown away In a night, or in a day, In a vision, or in none, Is it therefore the less gone? All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream.

August 14, 2012 — David Bressan

GeoRiddle #1

A riddle and a preview of things to come, if you know (or think you know) what the figure is showing and what's its connection to geology drop a comment…there is time until Monday….P.S.

August 11, 2012 — David Bressan

In the Beginning Was the Word

Thursday 26th July saw the launch of, a new English language science blog network., the brand-new home for Nature Network bloggers, forms part of the SciLogs international collection of blogs which already exist in German, Spanish and Dutch...

July 29, 2012 — David Bressan

Travels & Trilobites in Geology

" Consequently, if my theory be true, it is indisputable that before the lowest Silurian stratum was deposited, long periods elapsed, as long as, or probably far longer than, the whole interval from the Silurian age to the present day; and that during these vast, yet quite unknown, periods of time, the world swarmed with living creatures ." Charles Darwin in " On the Origin of Species " (1859), the Silurian -epoch of Darwin's time corresponds to today's C ambrian ." Barrandium " is the denomination of the stratigraphic succession found in the Basin of Prague (Czech Republic)...

July 24, 2012 — David Bressan

Dinosaurs of the Atomic Age!

July 16, 1945 marks the beginning of the Atomic Age, as the first Atomic Bomb was successfully detonated during the " Trinity " test in the desert of New Mexico.

July 16, 2012 — David Bressan

Travels & Troubles in Geology: Africa

" We locked the doors, armed for a fight with gun, knife and hammers, …[]. The expectation for an adventure and the fleas hold us awake for a long time… "Austrian geologist Guido Stache in 1870 describing field work on the borders of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Summer time is also time for holidays and travels - so let us follow some geologist(s) on their travels and expeditions and their experiences, discoveries, joys and troubles of field work...

July 15, 2012 — David Bressan

June 30, 1908: The Tunguska Event

" It was nothing of this earth, but a piece of the great outside; and as such dowered with outside properties and obedient to outside laws. "" The Colour Out of Space ", by H.P.

June 30, 2012 — David Bressan

The Mysterious Microbial Origin of Mountains

" Both the insignificant and the extraordinary are the architects of the natural world. " Carl Sagan in " Cosmos - Heaven & Hell" After geologists could finally answer how the spectacular peaks of the Dolomites formed, the next urgent questions was if the dolomite rock (or dolostone ) was a primary product of marine deposition or a secondary product of alteration of common limestone...

June 21, 2012 — David Bressan

Accretionary Wedge #36:War Geology

This month's Accretionary Wedge, hosted by the " Knowledge Flocs " Blog, asks for the interplay between geology and civilization - for example the interplay of warfare with the landscape...

June 3, 2012 — David Bressan

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