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Guilty Planet

Guilty Planet

Cooperation, conservation, and technology.

Immune System + Opportunity = Immunitunity

Are you cowering at the theatre sitting next to a cougher who sounds like a Harley Davidson? Are you apprehensive about a slice of pizza after riding the New York subway without washing your hands?...

August 19, 2011 — Jennifer Jacquet

`Talk to Me' Exhibit Speaks, But Not the Whole Truth

"Dad, can you buy one of those?” I don’t recall ever hearing a child ask that at a museum outside of the gift shop. But today, at the NYC MOMA’s opening of "Talk to Me" – an exhibit "featuring a variety of designs that enhance communicative possibilities and embody a new balance between technology and people" – it’s exactly what a boy asked after seeing Mo Musical Objects from the Interlude Project...

July 24, 2011 — Jennifer Jacquet

Is Shame Necessary?

I see (and feel) a lot of guilt about the state of the planet (hence the title of this blog). What about guilt's more public cousin, shame? While my colleagues and I were running experiments on the role of shame and honor in cooperation, I was also asking "Is Shame Necessary?" in the pages of Future Science, Max Brockman's collection of essays, which is out in print next month...

July 24, 2011 — Jennifer Jacquet

The pros & cons of Amazon Mechanical Turk for scientific surveys

The days of making a scientific inference about the human psyche from the results of a questionnaire given to 50 undergraduates are over. The online labor market facilitated by Amazon Mechanical Turk, founded in 2005 (three centuries after the infamous Turkish automaton that could play chess was invented), is now being used to wide effect for scientific inquiry...

July 7, 2011 — Jennifer Jacquet
Guilty Planet Is Resurrected.

Guilty Planet Is Resurrected.

Greetings! Thank you for visiting the new Guilty Planet (may the old Guilty Planet rest in peace). Before you go thinking that I aim to channel your mother after you walked in the house with dirty shoes, I would like to note that the title ‘Guilty Planet’ is meant to be descriptive, rather than prescriptive...

July 5, 2011 — Jennifer Jacquet

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