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Guest Blog

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Techno Tent City: Science and Literacy Celebrated

Six-year-old Brianna Toy sat anxiously on the black barstool. Hugging two pink dumbbells close to herself, Briana stretched out her legs in front of her, as the man with an accent and black, wide-brimmed leather hat better suited for the outback made ready to spin her around.“Watch out for flying feet, folks,” the man announced, giving Brianna a nice push.Brianna’s mom Angela Toy stood by, watching with a small group of people while hundreds of others sauntered past or meandered into the surrounding tents during on the sunny, spring afternoon in Tucson, Ariz.Toy, a Tucsonan, brought her daughter by to participate in this year’s Science City, a new offering at the annual Tucson Festival of Books...

March 22, 2012 — John de Dios

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