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Guest Blog

Commentary invited by editors of Scientific American


A River Rams through It: Argentina s Rio Nuevo Portends Problems to Come in South America

Mention Argentina to someone outside of the country, and chances are the discussion will turn to the mouth-watering quality of the beef. I heard all kinds of recommendations about enjoying this Argentinian delicacy when I was preparing to travel to this South American country.Yet once there, I learned that Argentinian ranchers have been fading from the landscape in recent decades, much like their U.S...

April 10, 2012 — Melanie Lenart
The Sciences

How did Titanic really break up?

Hello, everyone!I'm a member of the Marine Forensics Committee, and author or co-author of three peer-reviewed papers on the “Titanic”. My most recent paper, “The Breakup Of Titanic – A Re-Examination of Survivor Accounts”, was presented at the First International Marine Forensics Symposium on April 4.Working with Roy Mengot (with whom I co-authored one paper), I've been gathering evidence to support a reconstruction of the breakup of the “Titanic” that differs somewhat from the one you may have seen in movies or in other publications...

April 9, 2012 — Richard Woytowich

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