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Vaccinate! Do it for the testicles

Vaccinate! Do it for the testicles

Katie McKissick’s Guide to Forgotten Diseases:   From: Guide to Forgotten Diseases by Katie McKissick at Symbiartic. Source: Katie McKissick As the third part of the Symbiartic science-and-art-smushed-together triumvirate, Katie McKissick often deals with real science and important issues with humor and her frickin’ funny artwork.

November 25, 2013 — Glendon Mellow

Canine Distemper Could Wipe Out Siberian Tigers

In 2001 a few tigers in Russia started to show signs of obvious distress. Endangered Amur (or Siberian) tigers (Panthera tigris altaica) were underweight, weak, disoriented and incapable of hunting as a result.

November 6, 2014 — John R. Platt

Bat-Killing Fungus Now Found in 25 U.S. States

The news for bats in the U.S. keeps getting worse. Last week conservation officials announced that the bat-killing white-nose syndrome (WNS) has been found in Michigan and Wisconsin.

April 15, 2014 — John R. Platt