At least three species of mango trees may have been wiped out by a cyclone that hit India last month.

The Times of India reports the world's last Batasha mango tree was uprooted by the cyclone known as Aila.

Other mango varieties reported to be hard-hit include the Champa and already rare Kohitar. According to one farmer, the Kohitar is so fragile its fruit must be consumed within hours of harvest.

Mangoes are one of the world's most popular fruits. India produces at least 15 million tons of mangoes annually, more than half of the world's output.

Because many mango varieties cannot be shipped far, only one percent of India's mangoes reach the international market, according to a report on the cyclone damage in India's Business Standard.

Cyclone Aila killed at least 275 people when it hit India and Bangladesh last month, and displaced at least a half-million people.