Another great question! Here's my packing list.

GEAR: My job on the boat is to document what's going on. Which means I have to bring a lot of gear with me.

  • An Edirol R09 for recording audio.
  • A Rode NTG-2 shotgun mic. Shotgun mics help you focus in on the sound you want, like when you're interviewing someone on a noisy boat.
  • Canon Rebel T31 for shooting still and video.
  • Canon Powershot little camera just in case.
  • Headphones.
  • Tripods (one big one, one little one)
  • Time lapse camera rig with a camera and a clamp to mount it to the boat.
  • External hard drives (Two! Video takes up a lot of space)
  • My computer
  • Various chargers, cords and miscellaneous items that go along with this recording stuff.

CLOTHES: We have laundry facilities on the boat, so I'm trying not to bring too many clothes. But life at sea is unpredictable. Sometimes it's really hot, and other times it's cold. It can be windy or rainy or bone dry. So bringing layers is essential. And the one thing that everyone said not to forget? A hat.

OTHER: Being on a boat for a month means no internet, so I'm bringing things to keep me busy and comfortable.

  • Art supplies like a sketchbook, notebook, colored pencils, and pens.
  • Snacks. Everyone says to bring your favorite snacks. Why? Because when the boat is rocking and you feel awful, having your favorite munchies can really help. My favorites are candied ginger and Take 5 bars. Sadly, I can never find Take 5 bars anywhere in my neighborhood, so I'm hoping to pick some up in the airport.
  • Books. I'm bringing some books I should have read a while ago, like Emperor of All Maladies, Moonwalking with Einstein, and Sex at Dawn. But I really want some fiction to read. Do you have any suggestions?
  • Seasickness medicines. At this point I've polled just about everyone I know for advice about what works for them. Some people swear by the patch. Other people say Bonine is the best. Die-hard travelers say to just endure it for the first few days until you get your sea legs. I'm bringing everything with me, just in case. Including those bracelets that seem pretty bogus. But hey, if they work, they work.

So that's it! My trip in two bags. Hopefully I'm not forgetting anything… Uh, am I forgetting anything?