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Climbing Mount Everest: My Search for Dirty Snow

Editor's note: This April, geologist and Ph.D. candidate Ulyana Horodyskyj will be climbing Mount Everest to determine how much soot is settling on snow at the top of mammoth glaciers, which could slow their growth at the top, even as they melt at much lower elevations.

April 7, 2014 — Ulyana Horodyskyj
Climbing Mount Everest: Black Soot on White Snow

Climbing Mount Everest: Black Soot on White Snow

Editor's Note: This is the fifth and final post in a series by geologist Ulyana Horodyskyj. She climbed several peaks in the Himalaya Mountains to try to determine how airborne particles such as dust and soot that settle on massive glaciers alter how snow and ice melt, which could affect climate change as well as [...]

June 23, 2014 — Ulyana Horodyskyj

Glacial Poetry: Photos Don’t Do Them Justice

I have never seen a glacier (or any sea ice for that matter) in real life, though I’ve seen them in countless photos. I’m spellbound by James Balog’s Extreme Ice Survey, at the shapes and scale of ice in the Arctic.

April 10, 2014 — Hannah Waters

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