As has been obvious over the latter half of 2012, I'm not very active online in blogging anymore. I moved my occupation into real life and conducted a few training workshops in science communication. As I'm crawling over into 2013, I will be yet again taking a new direction in my life (one of many over the last 20 years). The last couple months have been a whirlwind of talking and meetings and I've been very focused on starting up a new business. A local microbrewery in my new home of Sweden.

I've been brewing many many batches of beer to much great reviews from the locals, who are very supportive and many of whom are well-connected to the greater community. Things are moving forward and I'm confident in securing in the necessary capital for starting up so I am in the process of shedding off responsibilities and transitioning to life as a brewmaster. There are way too many people to thank for all the help they tried to give me and the opportunities that I have been given. Obviously Bora and the Scientific American staff and blog community are great friends and I wish them all well. There is much introspection I could give, it is no secret that I've struggled with science as a career choice and am quite bitter about many things that have happened to me. But I am too worn out to go into this sort of detail and most people lack the interest and patience to follow along in my story. So, for now I will just say good bye and thanks for reading what I've written here. I hope it was interesting and entertaining and worth your time.

* I am closing comments as I do not like long good byes, but feel free to follow my brewery at its Facebook page and twitter @MisterhultBrygg. For those who may want to stay in touch, I am active on Google Plus and my personal twitter account @kzelnio as well.