Last week the Story Collider held a 2 year anniversary and stocked it full of I AM SCIENCE stories. Though I was supposed to attend and present, I had to cancel cause we were still settling into our new home in Sweden and the travel costs were approaching astronomical. But science film producer Mindy Weisberger put a really nice 5 minute film together with several people that have a career in some aspect of science. It is a really nice sample of the diverse paths taken to where they are today. Who knows where they, and the rest of us, will end up tomorrow... Special thanks to all the scientists who had to courage to talk about their roads on stage and on film, but also paper, blogs and tweets!

As a brief update on the status of the I AM SCIENCE kickstarter. I have contracted out artwork for the cover and am putting together an intro as we speak. I am also in talks with a book layout designer to help make it more visually appealing. I'm really excited about it and it is pulling together nicely. I'm happy to accept more stories, just use the contact above to get ahold of me if you have a wicked, twisted road to science you'd like to write about. As always, confidentiality and anonymity is gladly supplied.