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Explorations and ideas at the intersection between Evolution and Ecology

Circus of the Spineless

Since 2009, I have enthusiastically administered the Circus of the Spineless - a monthly traveling blog carnival about the most important of all animal life, the invertebrates ...

July 18, 2011 — Kevin Zelnio

The Reality and Utility of Bear Paternity Tests

[caption id="attachment_44" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Bear is unimpressed. Photo CC by Flickr user Marshmallow."][/caption] It was summer of 2008 and the rhetoric was getting as hot as a globally warmed hood on a '91 Chevy Camaro RS (my 2nd car, with t-tops of course)...

July 15, 2011 — Kevin Zelnio
The Crossroads of Evolution and Ecology

The Crossroads of Evolution and Ecology

Penicillium makes Penicillin by Ryan Somma of Ideonexus. About EvoEcoLab Natural history is about observation and long, deep thinking. The best natural scientists have spent lots of time thinking about what they are witness to...

July 5, 2011 — Kevin Zelnio

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