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Explorations and ideas at the intersection between Evolution and Ecology

The Message Reigns Over the Medium

[caption id="attachment_344" align="alignleft" width="235" caption="Metaphor for science communication?"][/caption] What would happen if scientists took to the internet en masse and wrote about what they are most interested in?...

December 19, 2011 — Kevin Zelnio

Evolution's Tempo, Movement II: Allegro

Previously - Evolution's Tempo, Movement I: Adagio Small changes can have big effects. The mood of a piece is set by is tempo. You can play the same notes, in the same style but change the speed at which you play it and it takes on an entirely different meaning...

December 6, 2011 — Kevin Zelnio

Microscopic Worlds

Stunning video of microscopic life. While the creator of the video laments his narration and audio quality, I found it sort of entrancing. Check out Daniel Stoupin's article of how this movie was made with his $8 budget...

November 13, 2011 — Kevin Zelnio

Baba Brinkman's Rap Guide to Evolution

LOL, a scientifically peer-reviewed rap set. This is interesting way to communicate evolution. My only worry is that it makes hip rap music to scientists, not science music to rappers.

November 1, 2011 — Kevin Zelnio

Penises Shaped By Waves (In Barnacles)

[caption id="attachment_239" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Semibalanus balanoides, Photo from Wikimedia Commons"][/caption] The following is edited from a post I published in 2008...

October 26, 2011 — Kevin Zelnio

Evolutionary Biology Needs Viral Marketing

[caption id="attachment_176" align="alignleft" width="279" caption="Stickleback stamp from Faroe Islands. Public Domain, artwork by Astrid Andreasen, 1994."][/caption] What is the first thing you do when you want to find something out these days?...

October 22, 2011 — Kevin Zelnio

Curious Critters

[caption id="attachment_207" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Click image to go to Amazon page."][/caption] I love reviewing children's books.

October 19, 2011 — Kevin Zelnio

The Carnival of Evolution!

Welcome to the 40th edition of the Carnival of Evolution! The CoE is your monthly one-stop non-stop all-you-can-eat buffet of change over time in the online blogospheric world of wonders!...

October 5, 2011 — Kevin Zelnio

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