We're less than four days from the end of this year's Science Bloggers for Students drive, the last moments of Friday, November 9. And, I wanted to bring you up to date on the little post-Sandy challenge I issued last week. You may recall that I added three projects to my giving page from hurricane affected area:

Soil test kits for Dr. Charles E Brimm Medical Arts High School in Camden, New Jersey, to help students in an environmental science class with their urban gardening project. -- FULLY FUNDED!

Calculators for a math-intensive Earth Science class at a high school in New York City. --Needs just $135 more to be fully funded. So, so close!

A human body torso display model for a middle school biology class in Carteret, New Jersey.--Needs $653 more to be fully funded. A little harder, but still do-able by the end of the drive.

Remember I said that for each of these new projects that we got to full funding before the end of the drive, I would donate $25 to the American Red Cross for Sandy relief? You got one to full funding, which puts $25 from me into American Red Cross for Sandy relief. We have another project almost to full funding -- which means I'm poised to kick another $25 to American Red Cross for Sandy relief. If get that third project that's still in need of $653 fully funded, I'll donate $100 to the American Red Cross for Sandy relief.

And, don't forget that there's still a dollar-for-dollar match from the DonorsChoose Board of Directors, good through the end of the drive on Friday (unless we blow through all $50,000 first, which would be awesome). Just enter SCIENCE in the "Match or gift code" field at checkout, and every dollar you give up to $100 will be doubled.

Way to be awesome, science fans! Let's finish strong.