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Doing Good Science

Doing Good Science

Building knowledge, training new scientists, sharing a world.

Crime, punishment, and the way forward: in the wake of Sheri Sangji's death, what should happen to Patrick Harran?

When bad things happen in an academic laboratory, what should happen to people who bear responsibility for those bad things -- even if they didn't mean for them to happen?This is the broad question I've been thinking about in connection with the prosecution of chemistry professor Patrick Harran and UCLA in connection with the laboratory accident that killed Sheri Sangji...

March 27, 2012 — Janet D. Stemwedel

I am science, and so can you!

Following up on my post yesterday about my own journey with science, I wanted to offer some words of encouragement to those who are still in the early stages of their own journey.

February 16, 2012 — Janet D. Stemwedel

I am science ... or am I?

Kevin Zelnio kicked it off on Twitter with a hashtag, and then wrote a blog post that shared the details of his personal journey with science. Lots of folks have followed suit and shared their stories, too -- so many that I can't even begin to link them without leaving something wonderful out...

February 15, 2012 — Janet D. Stemwedel

My story from the ScienceOnline 2012 banquet.

This year at ScienceOnline, the conference banquet featured storytelling organized by The Monti, a North Carolina non-profit organization dedicated to building community by getting people to share their true stories with each other...

February 5, 2012 — Janet D. Stemwedel

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