I've been putting this update of for a while because, well I kind of stopped. I didn't mean to but my new job was really demanding and has a steep learning curve, I also had some writing assignments I wanted to finish off and also I have a thesis. But with most of that finished or at least under control I have started running again. I have worked out the timing so I should be able to run before work as well making it a more regular occurrence. I just have to make sure the shower takes afterwards (Seinfeld references make me happy).

October 2011

Weight: 95.7 kg. That gives me a BMI of approximately 26, still overweight and I don't see myself falling out of this bracket.


October total: 41.7 km all of it walking my dogs.

Today (being the 27th of October):

1.07 km covered in 15.35 min walking leisurely at 4.11 min/km.

Predicted calorie loss: 128

Physical state after exercise: Fine, but I was walking.

November 2011

Weight: 98 kg. That gives me a BMI of approximately 26 approaching 27 so I'm going backwards.


November total: 22 km all of it walking my dogs.

Today (being the 29th of November):

1.33 km covered in 14.48 min walking leisurely at 4.05 min/km.

Predicted calorie loss: 112

I'm only walking, how bad could I feel?

December 2011

Weight: 98.6 kg, which equates to a BMI of all but 27 despite the effort I put in. I guess 'tis the season for it though.

I started my holidays early in the month and so I have started running every other day with the exception of days declared part of a heat wave. It only took a couple of runs to fall back into the rhythm of it but its starting to get proper hot.


December total: 60.3 km. 26.1 km of it running, 34.2 km of it walking my dogs

Today (being the): 29th of December

5 km flat covered in 29.42 min running in the heat of the morning at an average pace of 5.56 min/km which is under the 6 min/km barrier I got when I stopped running earlier this year.

Comment I made after excercise in RunKeeper: "I haven't been writing much as I've been so wrecked after these runs. Tadah! I'm not that bad today! Stretch, shower, water, "Death Proof"."


If I add this to the graph it now looks a little like this.

I'm not real happy with the progress but I feel I can pick up the running again a bit easier now and with the silly season behind me I should return to a better diet to, once I finish all the chocolate in the house.