From time to time, I’ve done something that could be construed as blogging for years now (at my web site,, but I am still a blogosphere novice.

As far as I understand, it is good blogging etiquette, not to mention a service to your readers, to have a blogroll–links to blogs that one likes, or that one follows anyway, or that one recommends that others read even if he has no intention of doing so, sort of like Netflix’s “if you liked A, you’ll also like B.”

So while our blogging platform doesn’t have a “blogroll” feature yet (we just started!), I’ll just mention some of my favorite blogs in this brief post. Some of these are blogs I find invaluable and read as often as I can; others are just fun to check out once in a while.

Anyone has great math or physics blogs to recommend? Please feel free to do so by leaving a comment below.

Fun stuff:
Vi Hart, with her amazing mathematical scribblog videos
Krulwich Wonders, from Radiolab genius Robert Krulwich
13.7, NPR’s collective blog on science and philosophy
Physics Buzz, brought to you by Physics Central

Cosmic Variance, with Sean Carroll among others

Math meets physics:
Not Even Wrong, by string theory skeptic Peter Woit
This week’s finds, John Baez’s protoblog on mathematical physics

Physics news:
Physics World Blog, from Physics World magazine
The Physics arXiv Blog, the anonymously written gold mine
Photonist, by my friend and mentor David Harris
Physics Today News Picks, a news aggregator from Physics Today magazine

Heavy-duty math:
The n-Category Cafe’, a collective blog by mathematicians
What’s new, by Fields medalist Terry Tao, also has very interesting links
Gowers’ Weblog, by Tim Gowers, Fields medalist and creator of Polymath

Image credit: warszawianka