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Culturing Science

Culturing Science

Biology as relevant to us earthly beings


Don't Talk About Your New Year's Resolutions

As I read the funny pages this morning in the paper, I noticed a running joke: no one keeps their New Year's resolutions. There are a million different personal and psychological reasons for this--but you can use SCIENCE to better understand why you fail, and how to get better at achieving your goals.The tip I've learn that's helped me the most is to NOT TELL ANYONE about what you want to do, at least not point-blank...

December 30, 2012 — Hannah Waters
The Sciences

The Best Way to Procrastinate in the Zooniverse

Procrastination feels like an inevitable part of getting anything done these days. It really should be called procrasti hate , as I always hate myself afterwards, whether I've spent an hour on Facebook scrolling through photos of a wedding I wasn't invited to, or lost 40 games of spider solitaire in a row.But I've found a way to waste time in a way that's fulfilling: by helping researchers identify animals online.Yesterday, the Zooniverse, a citizen science hub, launched its latest project, called Snapshot Serengeti...

December 12, 2012 — Hannah Waters

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