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Crude Matter

Crude Matter

Human physiology, weird animal biology, and the interface of science and culture.


Better living through pee-sniffing, or What can urine tell us? Volume 2.

Previously, I told you about how rodents can avoid predators by detecting specific metabolites in carnivore urine, but today I'd like to tell you about some new research being done on human urine in an effort to diagnose certain diseases.Last week I introduced the topic of metabolites, which are the by-products of the breakdown of things your body consumes, like food, drugs, and vitamins...

August 8, 2011 — Michelle Clement
The Sciences

Chemistry Day at #sciamblogs: Bridging the gap between chemistry and biology. #sciamchem

The Scientific American Blog Network launch last month had some interesting and unintended consequences. Namely, David Kroll observed that despite the advances in diversity in science blogging, there are no pure chemistry bloggers on any of the major science blogging networks, which provoked a round of discussion about who blogs about chemistry, why they do it, and who they're talking to...

August 2, 2011 — Michelle Clement

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