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Critical views of science in the news

Stanley Miller and the Quest to Understand Life's Beginning

Thursday 26th July saw the launch of , a new English language science blog network. , the brand-new home for Nature Network bloggers, forms part of the SciLogs international collection of blogs which already exist in German , Spanish and Dutch ...

July 29, 2012 — John Horgan

If You Want More Higgs Hype, Don't Read This Column

So it's finally, probably, maybe, happened. Although they are still hedging a bit, physicists at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, announced this morning that they had found the long-sought Higgs boson...

July 4, 2012 — John Horgan

If Natural Gas Is Less Noxious Than Coal, Don't We Have to Frack?

Opinions are my stock-in-trade. Early in my career, I pretended to be objective, but as time went on I thought it would be more fun telling readers exactly what I think about psychiatric drugs, "progress" in psychology, multiverse "theories", war-is-in-our-genes malarkey, free will and so on...

June 25, 2012 — John Horgan

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