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Critical views of science in the news

Oliver Sacks on Stage Fright

Neurologist Oiver Sacks, a best-selling chronicler of disorders of the brain and mind, describes how he copes with stage fright.

June 20, 2015 — John Horgan

"Infidelity Gene" Hyped in the News

The claimed existence of a "feel-good gene," like nearly all reported linkages of complex human traints and disorders to specific genes, is based on flimsy, contractictory evidence...

May 25, 2015 — John Horgan

An Appreciation of Oliver Sacks, Anti-Theorist of the Mind

So many people are singing the praises of neurologist and author Oliver Sacks that I hesitate to chime in. In February, Sacks revealed in The New York Times that he has terminal cancer, and reviewers are now raving about his new autobiography, On the Move, and entire oeuvre...

May 10, 2015 — John Horgan

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